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Expression of Personal Views after Site Visit – The Redhill Peninsula

I am deeply honoured that I can go for a site visit with a staff of Human Resources Department to Redhill Peninsula, a high-class private residential housing estate in Tai Tam.


When I first arrived, I was not only amazed by the beautiful scenery of the sea and the lovely houses but also impressed by the professionalism and enthusiasm of the staff at the site. We got on a mini van and toured around the estate after receiving a warm welcome from the staff. I could see security guards patrolling around and they were friendly. They demonstrated that they maintained a good relationship with the residents. The driver described in great detail the essay service different patrol stations and the job responsibility of each patrol station. The management team is well-organised.


After touring, interview session began. I had an opportunity to talk to different staff, including security guards, technicians and property officers. They shared their experience with us such as how to deal with complains and handle emergencies. All the staff strive to satisfy the needs of residents. They have one common belief - Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of trying to fix the problems, why not spending time to prevent them from happening? 


Getting to know more about different job responsibilities of various staff and their working environments is my biggest benefit from the site visit. I found talking to technicians most interesting since I seldom had an opportunity to get to know this field. I like the working spirit of the technicians in Redhill Peninsula. I could not forget that when I interviewed a staff, he repeatedly mentioned that he wished he could join the company trip to go to the Disneyland. We knew that we could not have all the staff going to a company trip at the same time. Some staff were needed to stay in the site for serving the residents and he volunteered to be one of them. This is real friendship among the working team! It is hard to have the staff working well with each other. However, I can feel warmth in PPML that the staff are working like a family.


Redhill Peninsula is not only beautiful with its stunning scenery with large well-furnished houses but it is also beautiful inside with harmonious staff who are committed to pursuing excellent service to residents.




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