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Taking Opportunity for Staff Interview

As a summer intern, I have been working in the office as the human resource staff, entering and tidying staff records; I have never been able to get to know how the operating sites really work. Last week, I was so excited that I had been given a chance to interview one of the senior officers working for the Protech Property Management Limited.


Mr. Ng has been working for PPML as a security officer for 15 years. Being a officer is not just simply performing access control at building entrances and vehicle gates. He is also responsible for inspecting all the fire exits, ensuring safety operations of lifts, reporting to the management office regularly and, as a security officer, arranging roster of the whole management team. Above may sound easy but it becomes difficult when you have to perform all of them well continuously for 15 years like what Mr Ng has been doing.


Mr. Ng told me that the most important thing for the work is to dedicate to the job and work happily. He is very concerned about the working team. He believes that he can perform very well if he maintains a good working team relationship, especially the arrangement of roster which requires compromise among the working team. A good and harmonious working team enables the work to be done efficiently and effectively. Mr. Ng loves his job and also his team members. This is why he works in the company as security officer for so many years. He enjoys his work.  I really admire his working attitude.


Within his 15-year working career at PPML, he has gone through a lot of changes and reforms. Take for example, the enactment of the Security and Guarding Services Ordinance in the year 1996. Before and after the enactment, there have been a lot of changes regarding the qualification and permit of a security guard. As a result, the changes caused high staff turnover rate.  


However, no matter what changes, Mr. Ng’s working attitude remains unchanged. He continues to devote to his job and uphold the interest of the company. He deserves my respect to him.




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