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Participation in Conscientious Recycling Charter 2012

Certificatesare issued by Friends of the Earth to the following buildings for participation in Conscientious Recycling Charter 2012 and they committed to set up a collection point for the residents /tenants to give up their used computer, electrical wastes and electronic equipment, and periodically deliver them to the recycling channels that are monitored by EPD.

  • Allied Kajima Building
  • China Online Centre
  • Harbour View Garden (Tower 3)
  • Paramount Building
  • Plover Cove Garden
  • St George Apartments
  • The Redhill Peninsula Club
  • Head Office

          AKB - 良心回心約章 2012 Cert.r


          CO - 良心回心約章 2012 .r


          HO - 良心回收約章 2012 Head Office.r


          HV - 良心回收2012 Cert.r


          PB - 良心回心約章 2012 Cert 2.r


          PCG - 良心回心約章 2012 Cert.r


         RC - 良心回心約章 2012 Cert.r


        SG-Conscientious Recycling Charter 2012 Certificate.r


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