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Birthday Poem

"Here is a poem I would like to dedicate to my hero on his birthday.
You are like a solitary mountain,
for your love is strong,
and your shoulders are always somewhere to rely on.

When I was small and ignorant,
I asked you loads of silly questions.
Somehow your inspiring answers appear as a joke,
yet they brought me through a lot of wonder.

You teach us to bear the unbearable
and make every impossible possible.
On your shoulder I know that
there is a heavy burden,
but you bear it laboriously in silence.
You never show us how much pressure
you have been putting on,
just toil over your work to satisfy our wants.

Years are like train rails
that leave you with wrinkles.
They mark how much you contribute
here I would like to dedicate my immense gratitude.

My respect for you is unending,
and my love is unquestioning.
You wipe my tears and drive out my fears.
With your wisdom you bring full awareness of my shortcomings,
with your calibre you transform them into something amazing.

If my process of growing is a drama,
then you are like an audience,
quietly spectating the story
and smile at every bits of ups and downs.

If my life is a lesson,
then you are my teacher.
Your every single piece of advice
fulfils the integrity of my life.

Here I promise
I will endeavour to become independent girl who
never make you despondent
Because the power and might of your hands are so sure
I know there is nothing I cannot endure.
From your patience and assurance,
to the future I am with confidence."



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