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Thoughts of Summer Job

Thoughts of Summer Job 


This is my first job. I have never worked in any company before. I have no practical working experience that I feel ashamed to say that I didn’t even know how to use the typewriter or the fax machine in the beginning. Working in the Human Resources Department lets me know about the real work place in the world.


In the past 1 month working as an administration assistant at PPML, not only have I learnt how a company operates and how it is structured, I have also learnt the techniques of assessing job applicants through the screening and the interview process. I have a clearer picture of what employers are looking for in general. This makes me become more prepared for my future employment.


To better equip teenagers for work is one of the corporate social responsibilities of well-established organizations. I am glad that PPML, a social responsible corporate, has offered me opportunities and assistance in this aspect. I deeply and highly thank PPML.


I also have some suggestions for future summer placement. A wider scope of work should be allocated to interns. For example, interns are suggested to be given the chance of joining site visits and participating the meetings or conferences of the company. They may not necessarily be involved in any actual work. However, by observation and participation, they can have a chance to widen their job knowledge without any disruption of daily operation. Even more, interns are encouraged to give independent and objective ideas or opinions to see whether this may be of reference to the company.


An interacting talking session with workers is also suggested. Interns can interact with staff from various departments, such as security guard, managers, accountants and etc by communicating with them directly. This offers interns a chance to look at the company from different perspectives. To make sure this is carried out properly, a short report should be written after every session. The reports can be served for future reference.


After all, I had a wonderful experience working in the Human Recourses Department of PPML. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues for their guidance and patience given to me during the period with the company.


Thank you. I wish everyone in the company every success in their career.


By Sonia



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